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Valentine's Day - Ideas for Romantic Getaways and Activities

When Valentine's day falls on a weekday; take or send flowers, and go our for dinner if you can... or make a romanic dinner at home with candles.  It needn't cost much to be romantic and appreciated!  But on the weekend, you can:

  1. Go out for dinner - Take your honey for his or her favorite dinner or restaurant.  Fondue restaurants are romantic!
  2. Stay in a B&B or Hotel - Surprise your honey with a special bed and breakfast stay, a hotel intown or cozy cabin all to yourselves.
  3. Go for a hike - in almost every part of the country there are either mountains, beach, lakes or other scenic spots with romantic trails.  Take a picnic lunch!
  4. Go for a massage together! This one is a no-brainer! If you canm't afford to go out for massages together, get some hypo-allergenic skin moisturizer, put a beach towel on the bed, some soft music, some candles and give your honey a massage yourself!  See this page for all you need to know and any supplies to give your honey a massage!
  5. Get a romantic movie - Netflix, redBox, Amazon Prime all have romantic movies! See this page for more ideas and links to Amazon!