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Valentine's Day Facts


  • Total US consumer spending on Valentine's Day is about $20 billion
  • Average spend per person: $150


  • 64% of men buy flowers for Valentine's Day
  • 36% of women buy flowers for Valentine's Day
  • US consumers will spend about $2 billion on flowers
  • 224 million roses are grown for Valentine's Day.
  • 63% of people buying roses choose red roses. The second most popular color for roses was pink (27%), followed by white (26%), mixed colors of roses (20%), purple/lavender (18%), yellow (15%), orange (11%), and peach/coral (13%).



  • Consumers will spend about $20 billion on all Valentine's Day gifts (candy, clothing, jewelry, eating out, etc.) ; of that about $4.5 billion on silver and gold items.


  • Consumers spend about $1,700,000 ($1.7 billion) on Valentine's Day candy.



  • 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually; about 6 million of them are handmade.


Romance... or sex:

  • 85% of men say sex is an important p[art of Valentine's Day
  • About 6 million people propose marriage on Valentine's Day


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  3. National Retail Federation


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